Self Healing 101 – How To Heal Yourself


In This Guide:

  • Self Healing vs. Self Doubting

  • What Is Self Healing?

  • The First Step To Self Healing

  • Top 4 Self Healing Modalities

  • How To Invoke Divine Self Healing

On more than a few occasions I have attempted to invoke the power of “self healing”.

But HOW do we “self heal”?

In this article I will describe how anyone can use self healing to fix physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.

Self Healing vs. Self Doubting

If you are reading this and you have doubts that anyone can heal themselves, I can totally relate. Not too many years ago, I didn’t believe in any of this “self healing” stuff.

Before you give up so easily on the idea of self healing, first consider that the linear and logical science most of us were taught in school no longer applies.  I now believe that self healing is well within the “scientific method” but it depends on which scientific method you accept.

Scientists now know that our reality works more like a hologram, a hologram in which we – the observer – have the power to change.  The only question is “how” do we change our holographic reality?  What follows is my attempt to answer that question as it applies to self healing.

Perhaps some day science will be able to quantify and “prove” that these techniques work, but for now, it is up to each of us to try it for ourselves.

What Is Self Healing?

From my viewpoint, self healing is a multi-layer, multi-step process. Self healing is not an instantaneous on/off switch, it is a process that is continuously ongoing. In fact, our bodies are constantly working at self-healing through our immune system and other mechanisms.  The degree and depth of a person’s issues will determine the degree and depth of the process required to self heal.  While some forms of self healing can have almost immediate results, healing and balance is something we have to build into our lifestyle and daily routine if we want the result to be lasting.

Self healing is very similar to modern surgery – certain tools are used for certain problems. It makes no sense to use a tool that is designed for one layer, if the problem exists on another layer. As we ascend through various dimensional levels of experience, the layers we are dealing with get increasingly deeper and nuanced. We need to reach into a deeper set of tools to do the work to bring ourselves to the next level of divine expression.

While all of the following modalities will work to some degree for anyone, it is up to each of us to ask our own questions and find out what resonates with our Self in order to know which type of self-healing is best for us. Self-love is always the goal when it comes to healing, but how we generate that will be different for everyone.

The First Step To Self Healing

The first thing I do when I experience a problem is ask the question – Why am I experiencing this problem?

It doesn’t matter what the problem is – a sore shoulder, a sore knee, diarrhea, insomnia, a difficult relationship, or a disruption to my goals and dreams.

Our problems are not random events outside of our control. Headaches don’t just “happen” because our head was wired wrong, they happen due to an imbalance. The holographic universe follows the laws of cause and effect, so nothing can happen to you that you didn’t in some way cause to happen.  Usually, when something negative happens, it means we have to make a change.

For example, a few years back I struggled with a pain in my wrist. By asking the question, “what is causing this pain?”, I determined that it was the way I was using the mouse on my computer. I started changing my arm’s posture and resting my wrist a different way, and the pain was gone. I did not go see a doctor, I asked myself – why is this problem here?  Asking yourself and thinking about the answer is the first step to self healing.

Not every problem is as easy to figure out as my wrist problem. As we get older, small imbalances occurring on a regular basis can eventually lead to chronic problems that are not so easy to distinguish and fix. Yet, here still, we can examine our problem and look at what part of our lifestyle might cause it.

For example, right now I am struggling with an imbalance in my shoulder and upper back. It is not really a sharp pain, but it seems to reduce my flexibility and give me a “tight” feeling in my shoulder and upper back. Then, on occasion, if I move the wrong way, I will feel a sharp immobilizing pain in my upper back. It is my work on this particular problem that inspired me to write this article about self healing.

So, the first question I ask is, what is it about my lifestyle that could be causing this pain? The response I have received so far is that it has to do with the way I sleep. If I sleep a certain way (on my left shoulder), I am causing that area to “seize up”. So, I have experimented with different ways and positions to sleep and consciously avoid sleeping on my left shoulder.

I also received the response to my question that yoga is a great practice for loosening up the muscles and bones after the tightness caused by sleep.

The third response I received is that there are multi-dimensional blockages in that area which represents my heart chakra – I need to work harder on opening and clearing the energy related to my heart chakra.

As in the example above, a problem can be rooted in one or more layers – a physical layer related to our diet and lifestyle, a mental layer related to our thought patterns, an emotional layer related to our relationships, and/or a spiritual layer related to the connectivity or clarity of our energy bodies. If you believe your only body is the physical one you can see with your eyes, this is an unfortunate half-truth that I also believed for many years.

Anyway, a problem with any one layer or aspect of our Self can lead to problems in the other layers. Usually, a problem in the physical body is a result of problems in the other layers (for simplicity sake, in this article I will refer to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, although this is a fairly basic and rudimentary description of our full multi-dimensional self).

Once rooted in the physical body, it can take more time to heal the problem than if we can catch problems earlier in the more etheric (non-physical) layers. The key is always balance and harmony – what in our life is not in balance or harmony?

Top 5 Self Healing Modalities

1. Energy Healing

For self healing the physical body, especially with chronic issues, I am a firm believer in energy healing. I have been trained and certified in Quantum Touch, which is very similar to Reiki. Quantum Touch amounts to deep breathing and focusing energy on the area you want to heal.

There are many books on this subject and I recommend everyone have some basic understanding of these types of healing. In particular I enjoyed Quantum Touch – The Power To Heal, By Richard Gordon. Interestingly, both Quantum Touch and Reiki teach the practitioner how to heal others, however, in my experience we can use the exact same techniques to heal ourselves.

Energy healing works because our physical body responds to beneficial frequencies (like love) which we can use to entrain the area that is experiencing pain. So if we can develop these beneficial frequency in ourselves (or with the help another) through breathing and visualization we can eliminate pain and heal practically anything.

2. Self Healing With Plants

We can heal almost anything with plants.  In fact, most pharmaceuticals are based on the natural healing characteristics of plants.

As I mentioned above, there are several levels or layers of illness and so there are several levels or layers of self healing.  Plants can be used across multiple layers.  For example, I use aloe vera gel on my skin after getting too much sun.  Of course, there are hundreds or thousands of ways different plants can offer different forms of healing.

I have also used lavender oil to help me sleep now for a few years and it works great.  I sleep longer, deeper and feel more restful upon waking. I have begun to study essential oils and aromatherapy more deeply and will be sharing more on this topic as I evolve.

On a deeper level, we can access the spirit of the plant to heal us.  Most shamans work with plants and plant spirits to achieve healing.  The reason western science has not pursued the more esoteric healing properties of plants is because there is no way to reliably profit from these therapies.

Two great resources on using herbs and plants for self healing are Don Ollison and Michael Vollinger, both of whom I met and studied under at a Herbalist Conference on Vancouver Island.

One common misconception about healing with herbs is that they work like drugs – we can pop a few tablets or herbal pills based on the symptoms we experience.   Healing with plants is usually not this simple.  Plants are living beings, and that life force is often severely disrupted during many large scale production facilities.  In addition to seeking very high quality grades of plant based supplements, it works even better if we can work with real, living plants.

In this video, Michael Vertolli gives a good explanation about how to heal with plants:

3. Sound Therapy

Another system I use for self healing is that of sound therapy. I have come across excellent sound therapy which helps to clear and balance our energy frequencies. Our bodies (all of them) are energy derived of certain frequencies. If we apply harmonious frequency to our Self, in this case through sound, we can experience the release of tension, imbalances, and pain. Mantras are related to this form of therapy and I am just beginning to understand and practice mantras. I will write more about mantras in the near future as I learn more about them.

One of the most fascinating books I have read about self healing through sound is called Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide To Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method, by Sol Luckman.  Luckman describes the intricate relationship between sound and our DNA, and believes sound plays a role in activating our latent or “junk DNA”.

I also highly recommend the work of Jonathan Goldman, in particular his sound production called “Holy Harmony”. Here is a sample:

More info about Jonathan Goldman´s work can be found at his website

4. Angelic Healing

Lately I have been experimenting with a different form of self healing, which deals more directly with spiritual imbalances. This form of self healing invokes angels and deities to assist us. I didn’t always believe in angels or deities, however, as my own consciousness has evolved, this concept has begun to make more sense… “sense” being the perfect word, since I can sense these energies exist and wish to play a role in my life.

To clarify, I don’t believe angels and deities are anything like the angels or ghosts we see in the movies.  They are not transparent creatures lurking around, healing only the “chosen ones”.  Angels and deities are more like waves or frequencies that have a specific energy signature.  Any one of us can access that energy signature by using our consciousness to connect and bond with it.

In the same way that a computer can download specific information only when it is connected to a particular server on the Internet, we can use our consciousness to reach up into the higher dimensions and connect to these special angelic energy signatures in order to access a particular angelic frequency.  Once we are connected, that information (energy) can then be downloaded into our body.  In this case, we are connecting to an angelic frequency for self healing purposes.

The reason I believe I am being guided to share this type of information is because as we move through the ascension cycle and work to become ascended masters, the challenges and blockages we face are far beyond physical. The “game of life” gets harder and new challenges emerge that require us to dig deeper into our spiritual tool box. The types of blockages that must be cleared in order for us to advance as spiritual beings are spiritual. Therefore, changing our diet or lifestyle might not be enough to heal what may have been caused by lifetimes of trauma or some sort of cosmic aberration that we may be temporarily subjected to.

When we invoke a particular angel, deity, or divine presence, we start to get closer to experience the Divine, which in my view is the primary goal for humankind. Deities and angels are like gateways, they help us visualize and connect to higher states and frequencies which can lead us ever closer to the Divine.  My interest is not to merely believe in the divine as a theory, my interest is to know the divine through experience.

In fact, I believe the main reason we experience problems in our life (physical or otherwise) is to give us the opportunity to reach out and experience the Divine. Our problems can force us to embrace the Divine, to call upon it, to let it in, to bathe in it, to Be it. So when we have some form of pain or trauma, we can consider it an opportunity to pray, to bring the light in, and make this a daily practice.

Most recently, I have been working with Archangel Michael.  While Archangel Michael is considered a Christian deity, I believe other known deities like Bhudda and many, many others can also be of great service.  It is up to each of us to work with the deity or energy frequency we find most helpful.  Some may choose to simply work with “Source” energy, which is the all pervading light energy that permeates the Universe. There is no specific deity or angel that works “best”.  

How To Invoke Divine Self Healing

As far as the actual practice of angelic self healing, one of the best ways to invoke a divine or angelic being is to call its name out loud. You can call it with your mind and thoughts too, but voice is better, because sound moves matter here on the Earth plane. Then, I simply visualize that this angelic presence is here, and I invite it to move its light down my spine and into the area that needs attention. Then I spend several minutes imagining that light there, not on top or around my body but right inside the area I wish to heal, right inside the cells. I try to laser focus the light on the exact spot where the root of the pain lies. And now I am breathing and just being with it, bright and shining there inside me.  I try to hold this angelic connection for several minutes or as long as feels comfortable and natural.

We can work with our divine accomplices whenever we need, throughout our day. We should not feel guilty for using this resource, it is not a scarce resource like food or water, it is unlimited and there for us as we transit this earthly experience. Indeed, it is our duty to bring this energy down into our bodies as often as we can and then carry that divine energy forward into our daily lives.  For this reason, every problem we experience is an opportunity to move one step closer to becoming an ascended master.

It’s important to understand that inviting deities into your consciousness for the purpose of healing is not the same as worshiping that deity.  Deities do not want to be worshiped, they want to help us understand and use our own power.  Deities are not greater or better than we are, in fact, as human beings we are the ones with the creative power to influence the physical reality we find ourselves in.  Deities are just an abstract way of recognizing our own self-empowerment.