Time And The Power Of Conscious Creation


Time is the tapestry that our thoughts, intentions, and actions use for their conversion into reality. Time is the soil into which we plant the seeds of creation.  Planting creative seeds into the fabric of time might be called “conscious creation”.

This tapestry of time is governed by many factors, principally, how close our current reality is to the projected reality we wish to create, and how much energy we put forth toward visualizing and embodying the future reality we wish to create.

When our thoughts, dreams and intentions are jumbled, uncertain, or vary in strength and intensity, they can get lost in time and thus never manifest, or only manifest as a fragment of our original intention.

Adepts can, presumably, shrink this time/distance matrix down to a single moment as Jesus may have done when he performed miracles.  Instantaneous creation, while rare, is possible, but not necessarily desirable on the Earth plane, because we came here to experience the time between our thoughts/intentions and our reality.  The process of experiencing our creations come to life over a period of time is why we chose to experience our life on Earth. In galactic terms, Earth’s fun!

How much fun would Christmas be if it happened every day?  What makes Christmas and the rest of life interesting is the waiting, or “wading” through time.  If we can find peace in waiting, we have learned a great lesson.  If we don’t think our dreams are coming true, we only have to wait.