About Conscious Viewpoint

We offer a variety of articles, videos, and online courses covering alternative topics like consciousness, alternative health, freedom, technology and creative power. We hope our efforts will provide a model for the future of education.

Instead of charging you fees for our research papers and courses, we are attempting to cover our costs of providing a free education by placing relevant links to available products on Amazon and other affiliates from which we may earn a small commission if one of our links is clicked and a product is subsequently purchased. We may also run the occasional ad or use a third party ad serving service (see our privacy policy for details).

While we admit this educational model is not ideal, since many educational platforms could be distorted to simply sell products, we are working and will continue to work on new models that will improve the student’s learning experience. In the meantime, we are filling a need for “alternative education” that will almost never be found in a traditional educational environment.

ConsciousViewpoint.com is just one example of how education can be adapted to reflect the modern reality of high educational costs alongside rapid technological advancements like the Internet. The challenge that remains is to develop “trusted” sources of information – websites and platforms that draw out the most valuable lessons and condense them into a usable format by the student while minimizing the bureaucratic, administrative, and infrastructure costs inherent in the traditional educational system.

While we intend to focus on topics related to awareness, consciousness, health, wellness and conscious creation (topics completely and totally unavailable in the traditional educational system), we hope other platforms will follow our example of how to provide a “free education” while still covering basic teaching and information curation costs.