The Ascension Upgrade


The idea of ascension is rather compelling to those of us on a spiritual path.  To become an “Ascended Master” could be considered the “Holy Grail” of spiritual development.  But what does ascension really mean and is it something that can be applied to our daily life?

The Computer Analogy

One of the analogies we can use to describe ascension is to compare ourselves to a computer.  A computer has hardware, software, power, memory, and access to the Internet.

Human beings are similar.  Our physical body is the “hardware”.  Our thoughts and actions are like software programs.

As we go about our day, we have the opportunity to run “programs”. Just like with a computer, almost everything we do with our lives is a program. For example, when we go to work, we are “running” that program.  If we are watching TV, we are choosing to run the program of “watching TV”.

We also run deeper programs that establish the architecture of what we are capable of doing.  For example, our religious beliefs, educational background, and professional training – all of these belief systems are programs.  Many of these programs are running in the background without us even realizing it.  Habits are programs.  Emotional traumas are programs.  Anything that repeats is a program.  All of these programs make up who we are and determine what we do and what we are capable of doing.

The Ascension Upgrade Is Like A New Operating System

The ascension upgrade is like downloading and then running a new operating system because it affects our entire perspective.  Indeed, the ascension upgrade can also include an upgrade to our hardware (your physical body).  Once we have the new hardware and are running a new operating system, we are capable of running new applications that were not possible before.  You become a brand new YOU!

One of the greatest benefits of the ascension upgrade is that you can more easily and frequently connect to the “Internet”, which in our analogy would be called God or Source Consciousness. Source Consciousness is the energy that permeates the entire Universe and it contains all universal knowledge and wisdom.  

Once we make the Ascension Upgrade, we are capable of running beneficial programs like joy, bliss, rapture, sainthood, compassion, and love – not as abstract ideas – but as physical sensations in our body.  We are capable of creating positive outcomes, healing others, maintaining world peace, and a host of other beautiful applications.  The ascension upgrade comes with new senses, new abilities, new power and new responsibilities.

The Ascension Upgrade Is Available Now More Than Ever

Many sources indicate that our planet and our society have entered a new paradigm in which it has become much easier for people to upgrade their program and “ascend”.  In a sense, we have all already “ascended”, but it will take some time before everyone upgrades.  It’s like when Windows 10 becomes available, not everyone upgrades right away.  

Of course, the timeline for humanity is not linear – we are not all on the same wave length.  So completing the Ascension Upgrade on a mass scale could take many more generations, but it appears that we are well on our way toward a wave of planetary ascension.  

In prior eras, it may have been very difficult and only a select few were capable of running the ascension program due to the density of the energy at that time.  However, many sources indicate that we have moved into a higher frequency energy band that will make this process available to everyone. This higher and lighter frequency band has been prophesized over the ages by a variety of civilizations and masters and now it is here. For many of us, it will happen automatically when we are ready.  

The Ascension Upgrade Is A Process

While this all sounds amazing and exciting, the Ascension Upgrade is a process.  It does not happen overnight (at least not in my case).  Just like with a computer, the more important the program is, the longer it can take to download.  And it can be hard to run any other programs while we are upgrading our operating system.  

I spent the better part of 3 years unable to do much in the way of interacting with society (apart from running old programs) while I began the ascension upgrade.  The upgrade also does not “end” once we have the new download, we still have to “run it”, which means living our lives with our new found perspective.  We may also require frequent “updates” in the form of life lessons, or encounter “bugs” that must be removed for our life to run smoother.

This “process” of upgrading can be very challenging because, in order to run the new program, we often have to stop running our old programs!

Running The Ascension Upgrade Program

The Ascension Upgrade is mostly about deleting our programs and simply channeling our joy and love to the world.  The ascension program is more like being plugged directly in to Source Consciousness whereby we bypass our social programs and revel in the experience of being alive.  If we watch how plants behave, this is what they do, they exchange energy with nature in a loving embrace without even trying. The equivalent would be if your computer downloaded the latest Windows software and all it could do thereafter was beam a bright light on the screen.  “Being” ascended or “running the ascension program” might not seem useful at first since it does not require as much complexity as our old programs, but if anchoring a new frequency on the Planet is the goal, it will perform this task magnificently.

Running the ascension program also gives us direct access to pure wisdom and knowledge.  It’s like a computer that previously only had access to its own hard drive for information is now suddenly connected to the Internet.  The Ascension Upgrade provides access to a vast and immeasurable field of consciousness from which we can consciously create our experience.  

Once connected, we can transform ourselves into our highest and most powerful version of our human self, a version of our self which may or may not resemble what society typically deems “successful”.  The Ascended Being contains an inner knowingness, an inner peace, an inner light which we can use to spread our energetic frequency to our fellow human beings so that we can uplift the entire social consciousness to one of peace, harmony, and abundance.  In fact, we can begin to trigger others to begin their ascension upgrade simply by holding our frequency at the new level.

The Ascension Upgrade is not something we have to work particularly hard at achieving.  What we have to do, mostly, is simply get out of the way and let the new energy take over.  We have to stop running old programs, stop wasting our energy on things that distract us from maintaining our direct connection to Source Consciousness.  Addictions, trauma, anger, dependence, fear, greed, lust, deception, status, envy, gluttony, victimization, competition – all of these programs hold us back from running the ascension upgrade.   It can be difficult to stop running those old programs because they are still in our memory.  What we have to do, if possible, is work on deleting all memories related to past programs that are restricting our ability to move into the Ascension Upgrade.  Much of this effort requires “letting go” of the past.

Tips For Embracing The Ascension Upgrade

Some tips on how to reboot your machine and start running the ascension upgrade:

Turn off the media.  There is very little information available in the mainstream media that will assist you with your Ascension Upgrade.  Most of it will simply encourage you to follow old programs.  Instead, spend more time in nature.  Do yoga and meditate.  Listen to uplifting music.  Paint. Dance. Sing.  Be a kid again!  Focus on producing your life from the inside out, rather than giving your energy to something external.

Change your diet.  Eating too much of the wrong food can block your ability to download and run the new program.  You need a clear healthy mind which requires a clear and healthy digestive system.  Your organs and the rest of your physical systems have to be cleansed and energized in order to provide the circuitry necessary to run the ascension upgrade.

Heal your past or delete it.  Your past memories can hold you back from running the Ascension Upgrade because we tend to cling to our past for security reasons or because we are unwilling to change.  For some of us, letting go of our past means to deeply reflect on the important lessons that we learned and completely forgive whoever it was who caused us trauma.  For others, it means to break away from a current program and eliminate that completely from our lives.  Deleting a program could mean quitting a job, ending a relationship, or unwinding some other investment we have made that is no longer serving our desire to run the Ascension Upgrade.

Defragment your hard drive (soul retrieval).  This means we have to find all of the parts of our energy that we have scattered about and make our Self whole again.  In order to run the Ascension program, we have to simplify our lives.  It is difficult to run the Ascension program if we are trying to run 10 other programs at the same time.  Often we have to re-wire our lives so that maybe we no longer need to “be” 10 different people for 10 different social circles, professional circles, community circles, or other special interests.  When we let go of all of these various egos and refine ourselves down to a single, peaceful and powerful sovereign being, we can tap into and run the ascension program to its fullest.  

Let others be as they are.  We cannot force anyone else to upgrade their system.  We can offer others our ascended energy, and in this way, we are helping them to become aware that a new program is available.  But don’t fret if others don’t upgrade right away or continue stuck in their old program.  Especially during this period of transition, many of us running the Ascension Upgrade will simply withdraw from segments of society because our applications will not be compatible with the old programs that society is still running.  Perhaps in the future, when we reach critical mass, we will have an easier time “being” part of society as Ascended Beings, but for now, we have to let others be as they are and let them upgrade when they are ready.  

Stop trying. The Ascension Upgrade is not about trying so much as it is about “being”.  For example, if we leave the business world to become a yoga teacher, that’s great, but we still have to remember to let go of our competitive ego, we still have to let go of the “more is better” ideology.  The idea that we “must-learn-one-thousand-yoga-poses-before-I-will-be-a-master” is not necessary.  Ascension is not about trying, or comparing ourselves to others, it’s about feeling, being, playing, and breathing the energy that is running up our spine and flowing out of our hearts.